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Access to Doctors and nurses in the surgeries

You can book online

To access this service, first register with the practice.
Apply for a registration form from reception staff.
You must collect the form in person and we must be sure who you are.

Then Register here to access the on-line registration system.. Once registered, use the same link and bookmark it for future use.

We will vary the number of on-line appointments available according to demand.

You can attend, during surgery times

At the Homefield Rd building you can just turn up during the advertised hours and you will be seen by the doctor.
We ran that system for 30 years.

In the first quarter of 2005 as a result of a complex of pressures from the NHS (before, rather than after the Prime Minister's well-deserved embarrassment on TV over appointments and access by someone who would have found our old system a big improvement) and a wish to reduce the total and average time waited by everyone, we started to improve this.

You can turn up, see a longish queue and get a time to be seen later which is our best estimate of when you would be seen if you sat and waited,
and then go out to the shops, for a walk, or rather rarely and if you live very close, back home, and return for that time.

We'll keep your place in the queue.

We are going to see you if you turn up, so there is no sense having a limit to how many slots we let be booked ahead, or how far ahead, so we don't, however we do try to keep track of the slots and to spread advance bookings out and generally make things run smoothly.

You can make an appointment

At the Polsloe Rd building please book an appointment. We'll try to fit you in, at one end or the other if need be, and we seek a balance between appointments bookable weeks ahead, days ahead and not until the actual day and vary that balance according to events.

It isn't a train service, we are sometimes ahead of time, always try to minimise waiting, but sometimes find longer than usual is needed by someone before you. Make sure our front of house staff know you arrive and if you are waiting more than 10 minutes past your appointed time with nothing happening ask how the queue is moving.

It isn't easy, there is a temptation that many colleagues have succumbed to to just set it up simply and tell you how it is going to be, and in short your cooperation is appreciated and secures ours.

You can make suggestions about how to do this, but bear in mind nobody else has ever got it right.