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Isca Medical Practice

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Doctors (The partners)

Their Employees

Attached, associated or visiting staff (Physiotherapists, midwives, District Nurses etc) Others

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Doctors and Nurses in 2011

Picture of the doctors and nurses in the Practice

Credit: Dr Adrian Midgley, partner


Dr. Adrian Midgley

Trained at The (now Royal) London Hospital, London. Registered MB BS 1981.

Dr Midgley is the oldest partner. He fits contraceptive "coils" including Mirena and has periodic minor surgery sessions. He is one of the Cremation Medical Referees for Exeter. He takes photographs. He used to race bicycles and climb. Nowadays sports a beard, the photos need redoing.

Dr. Alison Shellock

MRCGP DRCOG. Registered BM 1996

Dr Shellock fits all our contraceptive implants. She dives, and will advise on diving fitness (not an NHS service).

Dr. Claire Weeden

MRCGP DRCOG. Registered BM 1996

Dr Weeden is increasing her, and the Practice's, Occupational Health expertise and services. She runs, and watches Rugby Football.

feet picture not to hand

Dr Chris Campbell

Trained at The Peninsula (now Exeter) Medical School, locally. Registered BMBS 2008, MRCGP 2013.

Dr Campbell is the newest and youngest partner. He maintains a range of interests, including an academic attachment to the medical school, mentoring medical students and producing the doctors of the next generation. ... more ...

Practice Staff

Manager: Mr David Cobley runs the Practice for the Partners, interfacing with the massively increased administration of the larger NHS. He can deal with any queries, suggestions or complaints.

Office Manager: Mrs Shirley Turner runs the office and directs the secretarial and reception team.

Receptionist/Secretaries: Our friendly team arrange appointments and handle requests for repeat prescriptions, home visits and most other things.

They handle the inevitable paperwork (and an engorging torrent of paperwork added by a host of agencies) involved in running the practice and are here to help you.

Nurses: Sam Howard, Naomi Walter (lately of the Chapel Platt practice in Topsham) and Bridget North and our HCA Celia Genders are members of the Practice clinical team, carry out a wide range of nursing procedures and follow up various conditions.

They run their own clinics and health education sessions.

They variously have additional qualification and experience in asthma and diabetic care and liaise closely with the doctors.

Attached Staff

The Health Visitors who until recently were attached to general practices now organise themselves in areas. A health visitor should continue to be available to you wherever you live. They visit people at home and conduct child health activities in their various offices.

Contact is now via their coordinator.


Monika Naronha and Alison Eve moved on and our current midwife is Kate Yardley. She or a colleague hold antenatal clinics in the surgery and antenatal classes elsewhere.

After your baby is born your midwife will visit you at home.

The midwives liaise with the doctors.

District Nurses

Our district nursing team are experienced nurses based in our Homefield building.

They give nursing care to housebound patients with advice and support to family and carers.

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