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For a life-threatening emergency dial 999 (Or alternatively 112).


If you need a doctor urgently telephone 273805.

The receptionist may ask you some questions to judge the urgency of the situation and may ask a doctor to speak to you. We will take or advise appropriate action immediately.

Out of Hours


111 has now taken over from NHS Direct (who after a shaky start and several years of effort had begun to be quite good at it). You can contact them for health care advice at any time by phoning 111. There is an NHS advice website at

None of the call-takers are healthcare professionals, but nurses and doctors are available as back-up to them. Apply your own common sense to advice, since the algorithms and their application may be capable of improvement.

During the time the NHS does not commission a service from us they make arrangements for urgent cases with Devon Doctors, which we other and other local doctors have a share in but do not run. Use the normal telephone number (Exeter 273805) to find the out of hours service who will deal with you. (Their number will be 0845 6710 270 )

Urgent Care

There is also the NHS Walk-In centre

If the patient is truly housebound a nurse, paramedic or doctor is available to visit, if it seems possible the problem may be dealt with at home.

Dental Emergencies

Emergency dental number is 111

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