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Practice Area and Finding Us


Since 1949 General Practices have been obliged by the NHS to specify a Practice area.
Since 1990 Practices have been obliged by the NHS to publish what it is "by reference to a map".
Simply, what keeps us to this is the insistence from the NHS that if we accept you as a patient we agree to visit you if necessary at that address.

All that has ever been necessary to allow people to register with a wider choice of general practice has been to remove that requirement to visit on rare occasions at a place which might be far from the Practice, and therefore take the doctors away from the bulk of the patients.

A great deal of rubbish is being talked about it and about Practices excluding people by politicians who should be expected to know what they are trying to run.

The Practice area is the City of Exeter, as drawn on the current Ordnance Survey map.
Practically, if you live somewhere convenient outside that, ask.
And if you are permanently on the West of the river, you may find it more convenient to have a GP that side.

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