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Download, print, fill in and send or bring to us the form. Or just bring yourself and fill one in at the desk. It'd be handy if you register when you think of it, we can get your notes and you can be seen more promptly when you want or need to be. Please complete the other two forms along with the GMS1

Get the registration and additional form

Registration form

We don't get access to the computer of the Practice you were previously registered with. A few days or weeks after you register with us the previous practice will print out your notes, and send them via one or two health authorities to us. We then get to read them and make our computer record. Please feel free to think that there are daft aspects to this, but don't assume that therefore we can do it any faster. Register in advance of needing us, if you can, please.

Nowadays, in some cases, we get some of the notes moved electronically, but the bulk still trails in later.

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